Best Places to Visit in Croatia

 5  Best Places to Visit in Croatia

In between the Balkans, Croatia has become one of Europe’s top tourist destinations again following its War of Independence in the mid-1990s. Much like the rest countries in Europe, Croatia has its many ancient towns and monuments of the past however the thing that makes Croatia distinct is its wealth of natural beauty like Plitvice Lakes, Plitvice lakes and the breathtaking Adriatic coasts and gorgeous islands.

Dubrovnik is the fav of Croatia’s tourism industry due to its stunning old town that juts out to sea. Further to the north, along the shore is Split known for being the place of the place where Roman Emperor Diocletian constructed a beautiful small palace some 1700 years ago.

Further to the inland, you’ll find the capital city of Zagreb and its neoclassical architecture and the possibility of trekking at the gorgeous Krka National Park. Make plans for your next trip to this gorgeous European tourist destination by reading our top destinations to explore in Croatia.

1. Dubrovnik

The city is known as”the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” the city of Dubrovnik is among the most well-known tourist destinations of the Mediterranean. The city is situated at the southern end of Croatia close to the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik was established during the 7th century, based on the basis of maritime commerce. In spite of constant territorial battles with Venice as well as from the Ottoman Empire, Dubrovnik thrived during its heyday in the Middle Ages as a center of culture, literature and science, as well as education.

With its orange-colored rooftops that stand in stark contrast to the sky blue, Dubrovnik is a treasure trove of tourist treasures. The historical district, also known as known as the Ancient Town, is packed with historical elements like the old defense walls, the cobblestone lanes stunning palaces and beautiful churches. The must-see attraction is the technical masterpiece of the 15th century the Onofrio’s Fountain. In the evening The Old Town is lighted, creating a romantic ambience.

Beyond within the Old Town are famous beaches such as Banje and Lapad that offer the opportunity to relax, swim and other water activities. The boat ride away is the island of Lokrum that has beaches along with a monastery as well as botanic gardens.

2. Hvar

The most sought-after tourist spots  within the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is stunning Croatian island situated off on the Dalmatian Coast, favored for stunning beaches as well as lavender fields and beautiful vineyards.

The city’s principal, Hvar Town, is an attractive citywith the 13th-century walls stone streets made of marble, Gothic palaces, stunning churches, and a massive old fortress. Town square among the biggest and most beautiful in Croatia and beautiful, with a backdrop of many historical structures , including seventeenth-century Arsenal as well as the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

Its natural splendor provides outdoor activities and adventures such as hiking along the cliffs, to swimming in the tranquil coves and beaches. Boat tours and boat rentals are available to visitors who wish to discover the close Pakleni Islands. The archaeological sites of the island provide sights of ancient artifacts as well as an insight into Hvar’s Neolithic background. Grapceva Cave is well worth visiting to observe its intriguing structures. The charming villages scattered throughout the beautiful countryside are ideal to experience the local tradition.

Tourists who visit Hvar will be able to find a vast range of eateries ranging in cuisine from Croatian up to Mediterranean in addition to European. The night is when Hvar Town bursts into activity with parties, bars , and nightclubs with dance music and live music.

3. Plitvice National Park

The most stunning natural wonders in Croatia and across Europe The Plitvice National Park is comprised of numerous stunning lakes, waterfalls, and lush forests. One of the highlights of the park are the 16 lakes that are divided into lower and upper groups.

Created by natural travertine dams The lakes come in various shades ranging from blue to turquoise green , and gray. Visitors can explore the area around the lakes by walking along the many wooden trails as well as by boats.

4. Split

The city is referred to as”the “Mediterranean Flower,” Croatia’s second-largest city Split is located on a peninsula along on the Dalmatian Coast. Its historic Roman architecture and homes with orange roofs offer a striking contrast to the blue waters and towering coastal mountains. The sun is always shining, and the stunning sights, nightlife and restaurants contribute to making Split the most sought-after tourist destination. In addition it serves as a port of entry to a number of Adriatic islands.

The main draw of the city is its historic centre of stunning Gothic and Renaissance architecture , of which Diocletian’s palace is the most coveted jewel. It was built between 298 and 305 AD in the 298-305 AD period, this Roman Empire palace is of the size of a city with a maze of marble paths and structures that house cafes, stores and bars. The palace is home to other impressive structures, including St. Duje’s Cathedral, Jupiter’s Temple, Peristil Square and two authentic Egyptian Sphinx statues.

Beyond the historical city center, visitors will find plenty to do and see like walking along the coast promenade and shopping at the lively Green Market, bathing at Bacvice beach as well as cycling and climbing up the stunning Marjan hill, and playing football in the Poljud Stadium.

5. Rovinj

It could appear to be an idyllic fishing village from the outside, but the town’s traditional charm and natural beauty makes it a major tourist attraction. Nestled on the Croatian Istrian peninsula, which is located in the Adriatic Sea, Rovinj is an archipelago comprising 20 islands and the Old Town located on a tiny peninsula. Beautiful landscape, historic buildings fantastic restaurants and contemporary tourist amenities are just a few of the numerous attractions in Rovinj.

Cobblestone paved narrow lanes as well as arches, stairs and other intriguing structures create The Old Town a visitor experience. The most notable landmarks in the Old Town are 7 medieval gates to the city and the town clock as well as Balbi Arch, the town clock from 12th century Balbi Arch and St. Euphemia’s Basilica which is a magnificent baroque church brimming with stunning art pieces. The other attractions worth seeing include the Valdibora Farmer’s Market the stunning beaches, Carrera Street with its many art galleries and shops as well as Grisia Street where you can find souvenir shops and artists.

Outside of the Old Town, Rovinj is blessed with beautiful scenery which offer many outdoor activities. The beaches of Rovinj are considered to be the most stunning in Croatia. The tranquil coves offer great opportunities to swim and diving. The nearby islands have natural wonders such as natural forests and Lim Fjord, Lim Fjord and the Zlatni Rt Forest Park which tourists can enjoy cycling, hiking as well as rock climbing.





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