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Airbnb and David Arquette Are Hosting a Terrifying Stay at the Original ‘Scream’ House

Airbnb is inviting scary film lovers from all over the world to enjoy its most thrilling experience at home to date. The package even includes the appearance of the horror film famous David Arquette.

“You’re invited to try your luck at surviving the ultimate Halloween overnight stay at the original house from the classic horror flick ‘Scream’ on Airbnb,” Airbnb announced in a press release.

There are reports of Ghostface returning to the run in Woodsboro The stay will begin with a virtual greeting from the local Sheriff Dewey Riley (a.k.a. Arquette) who will offer his suggestions on how to survive. “Heed his warnings and watch your back or you might find yourself face to face with the most fearsome killer to slash his way across the silver screen,” Airbnb said.

“Airbnb came up with this incredible idea to provide a fan experience like no other where you can go to the house from the first ‘Scream,’ and they’ve set up all these really cool things,” Arquette revealed to the magazine Travel and Leisure. “They’ve got ’90s microwave popcorn, ice cream with all the Reddi Whip whip you could want, and a dedicated landline that you may or may not get a call on. It’s really fun.”

In celebration of the anticipated 2022 premiere of “Scream,” Dewey will offer three overnight stays (Oct. 27 31, 29, and 27) in the northwestern California estate for just $5 per night. The stay can be able to accommodate up to four people visitors will get to experience the most terrifying elements of the film, which includes a shot of the entire home (fans will be able to see the marks of a knife on the doors of the garage where Tatum’s sister, Dewey Tatum was tragically killed in death).

Visitors can also take a look at the entire the four “Scream” films (on VHS and DVD, of course) as a refresher prior to the next one comes out. The event will have plenty of the previously mentioned foods from the 1990s available and special memorabilia that guests can take to home — that is should they decide to go in early in the morning.

“It’s such an incredible franchise,” Arquette stated. “I love playing the role of Dewey. Ghostface is just such an iconic horror film character that Wes [Craven] created.” It’s so amazing, in fact that it is believed Craven himself was looking to create his own personal haunting from the abyssal beyond.

“Wes Craven was an avid bird-watcher, and when I got to the house, there were all these buzzards lined up on the fence,” Arquette stated with his signature anxious laughter that is in full force. “One of them had its wings up. It was just standing in the sun. And I thought, ‘Wes, what are you telling me?'”

Anyone who is planning to book a room should take note that the stay is in compliance to the local COVID-19 guidelines. In honor of this season, Airbnb will make a one-time gift to ‘Ween Dream which offers free costumes for children across the country in need.

Anyone who is interested in swaying fate may request this trip starting on Tuesday, October. 12 from 1.30 p.m. (EDT) click here. There’s only one question to be asked: “Do you like scary movies?”

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