Best Disneyland Restaurants

5 Best Disneyland Restaurants

Some park-goers may believe that Disneyland is just about the famous attractions and Mickey Mouse but the those who are true fans know that food is an integral part of the excitement of an entire day in Disneyland, which is known as the “Happiest Place on Earth.” If you’re a lover of traditional snacks like churros and pretzels, or the new snacks that are popping on the menus in Avengers Campus  and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and more, no Disney day can be complete without a visit to the restaurant you love on site.

The first time visitors might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of Disneyland restaurants to select from among Hotels, theme parks as well as Downtown Disney, there are many options and numerous great places to pick from. There are some Disneyland eateries are nostalgic, full of Disney memories while others wrap guests in a symbiosis of theme while others are absolutely delicious. We’ve put together 15 of the top Disneyland restaurants, based on their food, ambience and overall ambience, to help you plan your next Disney vacation.


Make reservations immediately because certain table-service restaurants listed may be booked up weeks in advance at the peak season. And in the event that you do not see any open, you can search for reservations through the Disneyland app as you get closer to your date. (Plans alter and people often make cancellations to avoid costs, so I’ve secured many last-minute reservations just by making sure to check). It is important to note that some menu options could have changed in the course of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Best Disneyland Restaurants

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Location: New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park

Ideal to : Dining with a view of one of the famous Disney attraction

Since its debut at the end of 1967 Blue Bayou has been an absolute favorite with Disneyland guests. They love its beautiful ambiance and stunning view of the bayou as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The restaurant, which is themed after Louisiana, serves Southern cuisine that includes dishes like jambalaya, cauliflower steak , Grits as well as beer, wine and a hurricane drink. It’s one of the more expensive choices in this listing, offering menus that range from $29 to $50, but the overall service is well worth it . Ask for a table by the water at check-in for the most stunning views.

Oga’s Cantina

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park

Ideal to: Beverages and music provided by DJ R-3X
There’s no need to be an avid Star Wars fan to enjoy Oga’s Cantina. Inspired by the waterholes we’ve observed in galaxies far, from us Oga’s Catina has a selection of refreshing drinks that include fun twists such as bubbly foam that is tingly and distinct flavours, along with mocktails as well as beer, wine and small bites. Galaxy’s Edge is about having your personal Star Warsadventure, and the immersive iteration (and music performed by the droid DJ R-3X) will continue the journey inside Oga’s Cantina.

Pym Test Kitchen + Pym Tasting Lab

Location: Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park

Ideal to: Refueling between superhero activities

One of the most recent additions of Disney California Adventure Park, Avengers Campus gives guests the possibility to play the role of superheroes throughout the duration of the day. Pym Test Kitchen offers breakfast and lunch as well as dinner options that have been reduced or supersized because of Pym Particles. The menu highlights are dishes like the Not so Little Chicken Sandwich and the Choco-Smash Candy Bar (a delicious huge candy bar with brownie base and that is topped with nougat and peanuts as well as the darkest chocolate). Just next to Pym Tasting Lab, fun cocktails and a wide menu of beer options for adults offer the chance to drink a glass of wine and watch Avengers the action play out.

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

Location: Disneyland Hotel

Ideal to: Cocktails with a Tiki twist. Disney twists. Disney twist

It is located just a short distance away from theme parks and just a short distance from the Disneyland Hotel Pool, this is the perfect location for an afternoon break in the park or an after-dinner drink. There are snacks and light food options, such as the panko-crusted beans as well as poke and ramen as well as a variety of tiki cocktails to pick from. Be aware that the bar inside is only open to those who are 21 or older at 8 p.m. Additionally, there is famed Dole Whip in the outdoor area at Tangaroa Terrace Tropical Bar and Grill.

Lamplight Lounge

Location: Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure Park

Ideal to use for Light snacks with views

The walls are covered with Pixar animation artwork and a panoramic view of the water towards the attractions at Pixar Pier Lamplight Lounge makes a ideal spot for brunch lunch, dinner, or even dinner. The lobster-inspired nachos are a fan favourite and so are the local cocktails and beers. If you aren’t able to get an appointment downstairs and walk-up, there’s a walk-up Boardwalk Dining available upstairs outside with the menu being limited.


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