Best Backpacking Trips Around The World

5 Best Backpacking Trips Around the World

It is possible to hike into waterfalls as well as high-alpine lakes and views that most people don’t get to experience. However, why should you spend only a one-day trip wandering in wilderness when you can spend many hours soaking up the view and sleeping in the night sky? Traveling with a backpack lets you go further, stay for longer, and, in some instances it is possible to avoid the crowds. Additionally, there’s a great simplicity that comes from only having to carry everything you can fit into your backpack. You may be amazed at the little you’ll need, and how relaxed it feels to step away from the chaos.

If you’re looking to take your love for hikes to the next level you can begin with a single or two-night trek in the known route. After you’ve acquired the equipment and your hiking legs and general knowledge mastered You might want to take to one of the most well-known multi-day treks. While they’re typically difficult the routes are among of the most picturesque and famous backpacking excursions across the globe. make sure to keep in mind that a lot of them need a professional guide as well as getting a permit, so ensure you prepare your trip well ahead of time.

Inca Trail, Peru

The list wouldn’t be comprehensive without the Inca Trail. The trail that will lead up to Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime journey that follows in the footsteps of a lost civilization. Although most are there to see the final destination of the trip -Machu Picchu Machu Picchu -but there’s plenty more to explore on this 26-mile hiking trip. It’s a hike that takes you across Dead Woman’s Pass (don’t let this put you off) and along those terraces that make up Winay Wayna while enjoying near-constant views of the Andes.

Torres del Paine W Trek, Chile

There’s a reason this backpacking adventure is among the bucket lists of many people — it traverses Torres del Paine National Park within the Patagonia region known for its breathtaking mountains and stunning blue lakes. It also has uncommon wildlife like Guanacos, which is a llama-like animal. The 43-mile trek along the W Trek isn’t easy, however, those who want to wake up at the base of a mountain covered in snow can expect the hike to be well-worth the effort.

Tour du Mont Blanc, Switzerland, Italy, and France

If you’ve always dreamed of more than just seeing the mountains the mountains, but being immersed in the Alps Here’s the chance to do it. It’s the Tour du Mont Blanc trail is a trail that runs through France, Italy, and Switzerland in its journey around the highest mountain within Western Europe: Mont Blanc with a height of 15,777 feet. It’s not an easy hike however it’s not difficult. The route of 105 miles offers a variety of accommodations including rustic mountain huts, to luxurious hotels. You can take public transport to make the hike shorter when you need to.

Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, United States

A large number of visitors go to the Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park every year, but only a few choose to hike the Rim-to-Rim Trail that plunges into the canyon, and also requires a long hike back. It is best to begin on the North Rim on the North Kaibab Trail before heading to the south rim’s Bright Angel Trail. The total hiking trip takes around 24 miles, and is an achievement worthy of a shout-out.

Panorama Ridge, Canada

Western Canada is full of breathtaking trails, but Panorama Ridge is a little more unique. The views continue across the 19-mile hike that begins north to Whistler Village at Rubble Creek parking lot. When you hike through the beautiful Garibaldi Provincial Park, you’ll see fields of wildflowers, an erupting mountain, and even a mountain lake, while taking in the views from Mount Price and Mount Garibaldi. For a less strenuous version of this hike, begin from the Garibaldi Lake Campground.


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