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Hawaii Travel guide : offers more than just the high-rise hotels that line Waikiki Beach. It is home to many other natural wonders such as snowcapped volcanoes and rainforests. In the 50th state, you can feel the pull of a highly developed tourist industry, ancient Polynesian culture and natural paradise. You can also add the “old” state of Hawaii (pre-1959), where mai tais were poured into a salty seaside home to the beat of hapa haole (Hawaiian music and English lyrics), to give the destination a rich, complicated identity. The generous spirit of “aloha,” which is a common theme on these islands, makes them a popular destination for many people who return to it over and over again.

Hawaii, located west of California in the Pacific Ocean, is the only state completely surrounded water. It is comprised of six main islands: the Big Island, Maui Kauai Oahu Molokai and Lanai. Hawaii is a great place to relax or go on an adventure. It’s easy to get around: there is one main airport and several smaller ones. This Hawaii travel guide has many ideas to help you kick-start your vacation planning.

There are many things to do in Hawaii that you shouldn’t miss

These are just a few highlights from this idyllic island chain.

*Snorkel to see bright corals, tropical fish and sea turtles.
* Relax on the many beaches along the coastline of 750 miles.
* Whale-watching is possible during the humpback migration season (December to April).

When is Hawaii best to visit?

Hawaii Travel Guide

Hawaii is located in the tropics but experiences a cooler and drier climate because of the east-facing trade winds. The temperatures are warm and comfortable all year. However, it is important to remember that the dry season is May through October, and the rainy season is November through April. It is recommended to bring rain gear if you plan on visiting Hawaii during the winter months.

Hawaii travel information


  • You can ride on horseback or in a carriage into Waipio Valley on the Big Island. This is a lush, ancient valley that was sacred to the Hawaiians. Here, taro is still being cultivated by the original Polynesian settlers, who arrived more than a thousand year ago.
  • Ringing the massive bell at Oahu’s Byodo In temple. It is a replica of a 900 year-old building in Uji (Japan) with a stunning green mountain backdrop.
  • You can see some of the most talented hula dancers from the state at the traditional birthplace of the dance on rural Molokai during the three-day Molokai Ka Hula Piko festival, May.


Hawaii Travel Tips

Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Safety

Conditions underneath the ocean’s gorgeous blue surface may be unexpected and even hazardous. Check in with lifeguards before entering the sea, according to ocean safety experts; they’ll be pleased to advise you about potential risks including rip currents, hidden rocks, and shorebreaks. Then you may feel the Pacific’s magnificence in the same way we do: with regard and appreciation for its immense strength.

Hawaii Travel Tips: Land Safety

Hawaii’s mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and canyons are breathtaking up close, and we follow land safety experts’ advice to limit our influence on the paths. You’ll be ready to tackle Hawaii’s awe-inspiring nature as defenders and explorers once you’ve learned about land access, trail procedure, and weather readiness.

Hawaii Travel Tips: Culture

The Hawaiian Islands are unlike everywhere else, and really experiencing them necessitates an entirely different perspective. We try to open our hearts and minds to consider the Hawaiian point of view by learning about the culture and customs that have molded this area over many years. You’ll have a greater appreciation for the people and the environment that combine to make Hawaii a truly unique destination.

Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation

The ocean is more than simply a place for pleasure and adventure; it is also home to a plethora of marine species in fragile ecosystems. We’ve discovered that even little acts, such as wearing reef-safe sunscreen and decreasing single-use plastics, may have a significant influence on the ocean, keeping it healthy for everyone to enjoy.


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