Top Sundarban Tour Operators and Packages

5 Top Sundarban Tour Operators and Packages

There are numerous Sundarban tour operators offering diverse packages that take you to Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal. A majority of these are predefined group trips that have fixed itineraries. They could be either day tours, overnighttrips, or multiple nights with fixed accommodation included. The tour will pick you off from Kolkata and returned to Kolkata and you can choose to stay on the boat or in a land. Hotels and resorts can also provide their guests with tours.


1 .Help Tourism Sundarbans Jungle Camp

Help Tourism specializes in purposeful environmentally-friendly and eco-friendly travel to the natural areas in eastern and northwestern India. Help Tourism operates their very own “resort”, the Sundarbans Jungle Camp located on Bali Island, and boats for river cruises. The resort was developed by locals in collaboration with the resort to give them the opportunity to earn a living and lessen human-tiger conflict. Its six cozy, traditional thatched houses with modern bathrooms are located along its banks along Bidya river. Bidya river. Locals are employed by the resort as guides and in the running of.

Tour packages of varying lengths ranging from up to 4 nights, are offered. Expect to spend approximately 40,000 rupees for an exclusive three-day trip for two persons. It includes transportation from Kolkata accommodation, accommodation including all meals including boat cruises, naturalists and local guides fees for park entry village tour, and rural boat rides. Special tours for bird watching can also be arranged. Reservations can be made on Help Tourism’s website Help Tourism website but, the site isn’t particularly user-friendly.

2.Tour de Sundarban

Tour De Sundarban (also also known as Backpackers) is a private tour with its own special purpose-built accommodation and boats too. Its solar powered Eco Village, situated in Satjelia island, features 20 mud cabins, with connected western-facing bathrooms and hammocks and a communal center for tourists to relax in. The company was established in the year 2003 by three “brothers” (they are actually an uncle three cousins, a nephew, and an uncle) who were so impressed by their trip at the Sundarbans that they decided to take others on trips to the Sundarbans.

The tours are ideally designed for active social, adventurous and fun-loving individuals who aren’t seeking luxury, but instead a more village-like feel with a lively atmosphere, as well as the best value for money. The lodgings are simple and local transportation like rickshaws, ferries, and ferries are used (which is the essence of the genuine experience).

Three-day and two-day packages are offered, as in day tours. They include transport accommodations, transport, Bengali food, permits boat safari village walk, and evening entertainment by local musicians. Expect to be paying 5,500 rupees for two nights and three days. You can also stay for an entire night aboard the vessel. Tours are generally restricted to 15 guests. One-day tours are also possible when groups are four and more. Cost is 3,000 rupees per person.

3.Sundarban Chalo

Sundarban Chalo is another tour business, owned by four brothers. It offers affordable backpacker-style tours in the Sundarbans. They offer tours identical to those provided in the case of Tour de Sundarban. The major difference is in the accommodation, which is not exclusive. The guests stay in basic cottages in an “resort” in Pakhiralay on Gosaba Island, near where the principal market is. Don’t expect luxury or resort-style amenities. This tour features a sunrise cruise at Sundarban Bird Jungle. Sundarban Bird Jungle, local village walks, as well as excursions at Hamilton Bungalow in addition to Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow. Sundarban Chalo also offers an excursion for day trips departing from Kolkata. The cost for group tours starts from 2800 rupees for a day. It can go up to 5,300 – 6,800 rupees per person over three days. The company runs the tours with its own boat, which was built in the year 2015.

4.Sundarban Eco Tourism

The company is based in Gosaba in the middle of the entrance into Sundarbans National Park, Sundarban Eco Tourism is well-loved by tourists from India. Indian tourists. The firm has been operating since the year 2015 and offers reasonable tour packages that span in length from one day to 3 days. The tours start from Kolkata guests and visitors can choose to travel via train (the most affordable option) or by car. Expect to shell out 2,600 rupees for a day-long package via car. A three-day trip with a car can cost 5,000 to 7,000 rupees per head, based on the amount of jungle safaris. Accommodation is available in reasonably priced hotel in Pakhiralay.

5.Sundarban Houseboat

If you’d like to live on a boat, rather than on the land, and are looking for a private , customized tour experience that has the luxury of a cruise Check out the Sundarban Houseboat. This unique vessel has been specifically designed and renovated to provide elegant hotel-style accommodation. There is no need to sacrifice comfort for a stay on this vessel. The boat has three rooms, each equipped with western-style bathrooms which can be used by groups of 14-25 individuals in total. The facilities comprise air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs in every room as well as a living and dining area with couches, a kitchen with a gourmet chef and sun deck with chaise loungers, a library, games and movies.

Packages are available for a period of between one and four nights (or more, upon request! ) and include visits to islands, watchtowers, and villages. The boat is available for hire for a specific time, or on a per-room basis. Prices vary based on the needs of guests. It is best to book as far in advance as you can since it’s extremely popular!

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