to travel synonym

to travel synonym

to travel synonym

synonyms for travel


SYNONYMS FOR travelling

Synonyms of travel in English:

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See Spanish definition of viajar


1‘people seeking an exit visa to travel abroad’

journey, tour, take a trip, go on a trip, voyage, go on an expedition, go on an excursion, go sightseeing, globetrot, backpack
roam, rove, range, wend one’s way, cruise, hike, trek, tramp, ride, roll
cross, traverse, cover, make one’s way over, circumnavigate, go round, move round
move, go, proceed
informal gallivant, knock about, knock around
rare peregrinate

2‘light travels faster than sound’

move, proceed, progress, advance
be transmitted, carry

3‘that lorry’s travelling!’

go fast, go rapidly, drive fast, speed, race, go at breakneck speed, hurry, hurtle, hasten, hotfoot it, whip, whip along, whizz, go like lightning, go like greased lightning
informal go hell for leather, go like a bat out of hell, tear up the miles, steam, belt, tear, zip, get cracking, get a move on, burn rubber
British informal bomb, put one’s foot down


1‘he amassed great wealth during his travels’

journeys, expeditions, trips, tours, excursions, voyages, treks, safaris, odysseys, pilgrimages, jaunts
journeying, travelling, touring, sightseeing, voyaging, cruising, sailing, backpacking, globetrotting, jet-setting, exploration, trekking, wandering, roving, roaming
informal gallivanting
rare peregrinations

AA TRavel NEes

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