chicago travel ban

chicago travel ban

chicago travel ban

chicago travel ban :  The city also suggests that travelers who are not vaccinated get tested for COVID-19.


The travel advisory list for Chicago now includes each state of America.

The city which has been consistently updating its advisory on travel over the last few days, has now added Vermont which means that travelers from all states are considered “high risk.”

States can be included on Chicago’s travel advisory list once they have more than 15 new instances per day for 100,000 people. The city has been growing this list from mid-July. the city was the first state to be added on June 1.

Furthermore, non-vaccinated travelers are advised to undergo a test within three to four days of arriving , and another time within 3 to 5 days following the trip and wear a face mask for both outdoors and indoor environments, according to the city. Unvaccinated travelers must also undergo self-quarantine for seven days even if they do not test positive.


In the past Chicago only suggested that travelers who are not vaccinated undergo a test 72 hours prior to entering the city, or for a quarantine period of 10 days.

chicago travel ban

City’s Department of Public Health posted on Twitter that the recommendations had been updated in order to “align with the CDC guidance” for non-vaccinated individuals..

Chicago is fighting its own increase in COVID-19 cases. reinstatement of an indoor-only mask requirement in attempt to stop the. In addition, the city’s United Center, home to Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks games has also announced on the subject that masks are mandatory for all visitors and the proof of vaccination or of a negative COVID-19 blood test for entry into.

Cook County, where Chicago is located, has reported the 5.1 percent rate of positive COVID-related cases as of Sept. 8. in accordance with the health department’s website for public health in the county.

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chicago travel ban

Chicago’s travel advisory has been updated once again, and although there are still 48 states and three territories on the city’s warning list, the locations included still changed…….

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