beautiful in hawaiian

beautiful in hawaiian

how do you say beautiful in hawaiian

Going to Hawaii? Are you interested in meeting the Hawaiian ambassador? Do you want to sound cooler than English when speaking Hawaiian? It’s easy to say!


you are beautiful in hawaiian language

Step 1

Learn the basics of the word. The standard word Beautiful Is “nani” [1] It is pronounced “a” nah-knee . Nani can also serve as a beautiful and elegant accent.

  • Nani koki [2]
Step 2

To praise beauty or describe beauty, use the verb “ho’onani”. 
[3] It can be pronounced as “hoo-nah-knee”.

  • Mea ho’onani kino (describing body jewelry)
  • Na mea ho’onani (decorations all around)
Step 3

The word “makalapua”, which means handsome or blooming, is used. (4] It can be pronounced as maw-lapoo-ahh.

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